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First class laser expert team

10Years of laser R & D and production experience
Over 10 yearsLaser development and production experience team, excellent technology, for your
selection of the most suitable laser equipment,The national project experience technology team provides practical solutions.

National high-tech enterprises

16 road production inspection process to ensure the international first-class quality.
16 road production inspection process , through CE, ISO, SGS, FDA and many other world authority certification
To ensure stable operation, high efficiency and energy saving, easy operation and long service life.

Standard production process

production real-time data monitoring and management process, field resource tracking. High efficiency and fine processing flow, all meet the requirements of international standard production process. independent innovation and research and development
independent innovation is the basis of transcending survival and has a huge team of technical research and development.


provides you with quality services, and has always adhered to the principle of value and no price for any customer. The products and services provided to the customers are the best and most competitive in the industry, and bring more benefits to the customers.

After-sale service elite team

The whole - way one-stop service mode makes you feel free after sales, 7*24 hours, and first time to respond to customer requests. Operation guidance service, and can provide expert door-to-door guidance service.

Hotline:18621271745 Mr. Chen

Contact:13603098916 Mr. Deng

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    Pre shipment inspection
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    Printing platform correction
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