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The laser marking machine output power is reduced and explained in detail

Time : 2020-04-22

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The laser marking machine output power is reduced and explained in detail

     The laser marking machine uses a particle beam to add a permanent mark on the surface of various chemical substances. Generally exquisite designs, trademark logos and texts need to be applied to laser marking machines. Laser marking machines are also divided into many categories, including CO2 laser marking machines, semiconductor material laser marking machines, fiber line laser marking machines YAG laser marking machine, laser marking machine is mainly used in some places with more detailed regulations and higher precision.

       There are many reasons for the reduction of the output power of the laser marking machine. The common reasons are the following seven points. Now the editor of Shenzhen Right Laser Technology briefly introduces the related problems and solutions for everyone.

1. Laser marking rate is too fast
Solution: slow down the rate.

2. The working voltage of the laser generator output DC 30V is reduced, causing the laser power to be reduced
Solution: Remove the switching power supply.

Third, the loop system software is inaccurate
① Adjust the laser generator.
②Adjust the position of the laser laser engraving machine, the light should enter the core of the laser hole of the laser engraving machine, and the output light should be at the core of the light hole.

4. The surface of the steel parts is out of focus

Solution: adjust the surface of the steel parts to the key

5. Inaccurate beam mirror position and orientation
① Regulations for laser laser engraving machine;
②The adjustment of the laser laser engraving machine is not good, which has a great harm to the actual effect of laser engraving. The key is reflected in:
a. The laser output power is reduced;
b. The compressive strength of the laser is not uniform within the width of the laser marking;
c. Computer technology sets the physical core of the core offset vibration wide-angle lens;
d. It cannot have the actual effect of beam expansion.

Six, the laser offset core into the scanning galvanometer
Solution: Adjust the laser generator.

7. The spectacle lens and lens are damaged
Solution: Clean up or replace.

New professional knowledge details:
1. CO2 laser marking machine: suitable for non-metallic materials (wood, acrylic board, paper type, leather products, etc.), the price is low.

2. Green laser marking machine, ultraviolet laser marking machine: suitable for high-end ultra-fine IC and other commodities. The price is higher, and the order of goods is dominant.

3. Lamp pump YAG laser marking machine: suitable for low-standard goods such as metal materials and plastics, and the price of laser marking machine is moderate.

4. Semiconductor material side pump laser marking machine: It is the same as the lamp pump YAG laser marking machine application, but it is stable and the price is moderate.

5. Semiconductor material end pump laser marking machine: It is the same as the application surface of the lamp pump YAG laser marking machine. It is stable and power-saving, but it is used for high-end production and the price is higher.

6. Optical fiber line laser marking machine: laser marking is meticulous, energy-saving, maintenance-free and used for high-end products such as mobile phones and function keys. The price is high.