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What is the performance of the automatic solder paste printer?

Time : 2020-04-22

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What is the performance of the automatic solder paste printer?

Automatic solder paste printer.It is generally composed of plate mounting, solder paste, embossing, and circuit board. Its working principle is: first make the circuit board to be printed into a printing plate, install it on the paste printer, then apply the solder paste to the place where there are text and images on the printing plate by manual or automatic solder paste printer, and then directly Or indirectly transferred to the circuit board, thereby copying the same PCB board as the printing plate

The automatic solder paste printer has high degree of automation, stable performance, easy to understand operation, high safety factor, and simple and fast maintenance.
1. Unique shape design, beautiful, generous and practical, made with advanced baking paint process.
2. The mixing principle is based on the mixing method of motor revolution and rotation. It is not necessary to take out the refrigerated solder paste and refreeze it. The solder paste can be returned to temperature in a short time, and it can be used while stirring evenly.
3. The stirring is carried out at an acceleration of about 200G generated by a revolution speed of 1000 rpm, and a super mixer capable of simultaneously processing stirring and degassing (degassing).
4. It is suitable for 500g solder paste of various brands, and can stir two cans at a time, which can save mixing time and improve production efficiency.
5. During the mixing process, the solder paste box does not need to be opened, so that the solder paste will not oxidize or absorb moisture.
6. Closed stirring can fix the running time, can ensure the stability of the solder paste soft (Q-type) and the new and old solder paste can be mixed and stirred, and more active new solder paste can also be obtained. Although the automatic solder paste printer has a large capacity, it is small in size and light in weight. It is easy to move and suitable for various uses such as medical treatment, industry, and universities.