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Laser Printer

It is a new type of computer-based control system automatic printer, so the device is also known as a computer printer, which is a symbol of scientific and technological coding technology in the industry. Therefore, the device can be used in various filling products, plastic packaging
Laser Printer

Laser printer

It is the latest type of computer-based control system automatic inkjet printer, so the device is also called a computer inkjet printer, which is the representative of the scientific and technological inkjet technology in the industry. Therefore, the device can print the production date, newspaper date, batch number, model specifications, trademarks and anti-counterfeiting marks, graphics, etc. on a variety of different materials and different types of objects on various filling products, plastic packaging, paper packaging products device of.

Principle and characteristics of laser printer:

A. The automatic laser printer can print any text, pattern, automatic serial number, combined automatic coding of numbers and characters, production date, expiration date, batch number, logistics code, communication data, etc .;

B. The printer supports all TTF fonts under the Windows system, built-in a variety of laser mark special fonts, supports any handwritten font, at the same time can customize the font, increase anti-counterfeiting marks;

C. The marking mode is a vector (dash) technology (compatible with dot matrix); 

D. The number of marking lines can be set arbitrarily within the marking range according to the required information; 

E. The marking speed is fast, which can reach 0 ~ 200 m / min (depending on the marking content, product material and other characteristics);

Laser printer application

The laser inkjet printer has stable performance, high reliability, fast speed, low power consumption, small size, and wide application range. It can be used in electronic components, handicrafts, leather, ceramics, glasses, glass, buttons,

Sample display

Sample display

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